Friday, May 26, 2006

Fixed Election Dates

Turns out Harper is a nice guy after all.



Blogger Pilot said...

Oh sure, if he can pass it.

Problems :
1 - He has to MAKE it to 2009. I'm sure he's banking on that fact that his minority government WON'T make it and lose the government.

2 - It's majorly flawed. What about votes of no-confidence and the like. The 4 year term works well in the US because they have a governor and a two party system, so they only have one man for the lead position and no chance of a minority government in the other. Not so easy in Canada as we've seen in the past 2 elections and several elections in the past before that.

Once again Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are maklng moves towards all these great changes in government but rigs the change so it can never happen (commitees representing all parties equally and votes schedules beyond the reasonable reign of the current government). Already this is two I've pointed out since we've started the blog.

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