Sunday, September 24, 2006

That's it.

Hello all. I'd like to ask you all to take a look at the fella there in the picture to the left there. Pretty normal looking fella eh? Well he wasn't, and I'd like to explain.

In 1996, I entered the Weyburn Comprehensive School. I was assigned a locker in the shop hallway. And would soon be introduced to the fellow there to the left, by the fellow to the left. His name was Landon Pitre and was... and still is the weirdest person I have ever met.

Landon wasn't what I would say well liked in the school, myself included. He was 2 or 3 years past normal graduation time, any friends he would have gone to school with were gone, and he wasn't having much luck with the current batch of students. He was very in-your-face, dressed very originally (I remember him talking at length about acquiring a 7-11 uniform shirt) but always friendly and (yikes) availiable. Seems I couldn't go to the store without running into him.

I can't really defend what I thought about Landon in High School. I was young, really, too stupid to really see this guy who was alone with a bunch of younger people, trying to fit in. Add to that the fact that he must have had a learning disability to be in school that long (it took him 6 or 7 years to finish I beleive). When I look at him now, I see an admirable person who really pushed through to get what he wanted. It makes comments I heard from some of my teachers and even principle seems cold and pathetic. I'm only 25 and I can see what's wrong with shaming someone with a learning disability infront of the school or a class.

But that's not my issue.

In 2003 Landon was stabbed in the heart at the Midtown Plaza, trying to break up a fight. He died from his injuries.

I had assumed that the justice system did it's job and put this guy away forever and that although not vindicated, Landon would at least be remembered as a hero instead of a high school dunce.

But a recent article from the CBC informed me otherwise. THREE YEARS. After his parents asked for the maximum punishment!?! THROW THIS KID IN JAIL AND THROW AWAY THE KEY. If he had a knife in his hand, he MEANT TO DO HARM. He should be punished for his crimes and harshly.

At least one thing has come of this tragedy. I have a better view of a man I once disrespected and I've seen again how the justice system fails to serve the good of the people.

Thank you for your sacrifice Landon, and I'm sorry if I ever did anything to upset you.

Landon Pitre is a hero.. but you're still weird. ;)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Love Rex Murphy

I mean really, just look at him!! That's a journalist who will get to the truth...he'll peck it out of you with his beak!!

Rex recently wrote an article for on conspiracy theories. I'm going to insert a quote here from the article:

These theories that suggest a sitting president and his advisors would murder their own citizenry are a calumny, as lunatic as they are contemptible. They come from the imagination of hate, the pernicious concoctions of minds allergic to reality, and are beneath the dignity of reasoning human beings.

Rex is speaking of the conspiracy theory that Bush and his administration planned the 9/11 attacks. That they PLANNED to kill 3000 people. Another theory he mentions is that no planes actually hit the world trade centre on 9/11. It was two missiles wrapped in holograms that hit the towers!

Some people really have too much time on their hands if they're coming up with stuff like this! That or they're on SOMETHING. I don't even want to know what. Sometimes it's a good thing to be sheltered.

These ideas are ludicrous. They're even beyond that, they're absolutely INSANE.

I don't really know what my point is, but this was such a well-written article that I had to mention it.

Check it out here.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I couldn't agree more Bill, I couldn't agree more. (link)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You're Joking Right??

New Program Gives Farm Families $25,000 Safety Net

So, the government is now giving a guarantee that farmers will make a minimum income of $25,000/year. Sure it's in the experiment stage, but this is bullshit.

We have GOT to stop bailing these guys out. They have to make revenues of $50,000 minimum, which means that people utilizing this program are making $50,000 but have expenses that exceed $25,000. Well, maybe you need to look at restructuring your cost system.

Do you think corporations don't have troubles like this?? And does the government bail them out!!? NO. It's not the government's job. These corporations restructure their cost system to lower costs and bring in higher margins. And if they're unsuccessful, then the corporation folds. It should be exactly the same for farmers. I think we need to stop propping these people up and let them realize the consequences of the industry they're in. It's time to give up the family farm and go find another job.

I'm not saying quit farming. You can work as a farmer, but not be the owner of the farm. Either way, get an off-season job to supplement your income. I work all year round and so should the farmers. I don't complain when I don't make as much as I wanted. If my pay goes south, I deal with it somehow, I don't beg the government for money.

Farmers, stop taking our money!!!!!

Monday, May 29, 2006

They're Back!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Fixed Election Dates

Turns out Harper is a nice guy after all.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

You won't silence me.

I'm local so answer this question. How do you expect to get away with this. Do you honsestly think the press are going to take this lying You're making too many enemies. Do you need to be reminded that you have a MINORITY government?

Thank you for your time sir.