Sunday, August 20, 2006

I couldn't agree more Bill, I couldn't agree more. (link)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You're Joking Right??

New Program Gives Farm Families $25,000 Safety Net

So, the government is now giving a guarantee that farmers will make a minimum income of $25,000/year. Sure it's in the experiment stage, but this is bullshit.

We have GOT to stop bailing these guys out. They have to make revenues of $50,000 minimum, which means that people utilizing this program are making $50,000 but have expenses that exceed $25,000. Well, maybe you need to look at restructuring your cost system.

Do you think corporations don't have troubles like this?? And does the government bail them out!!? NO. It's not the government's job. These corporations restructure their cost system to lower costs and bring in higher margins. And if they're unsuccessful, then the corporation folds. It should be exactly the same for farmers. I think we need to stop propping these people up and let them realize the consequences of the industry they're in. It's time to give up the family farm and go find another job.

I'm not saying quit farming. You can work as a farmer, but not be the owner of the farm. Either way, get an off-season job to supplement your income. I work all year round and so should the farmers. I don't complain when I don't make as much as I wanted. If my pay goes south, I deal with it somehow, I don't beg the government for money.

Farmers, stop taking our money!!!!!