Sunday, September 24, 2006

That's it.

Hello all. I'd like to ask you all to take a look at the fella there in the picture to the left there. Pretty normal looking fella eh? Well he wasn't, and I'd like to explain.

In 1996, I entered the Weyburn Comprehensive School. I was assigned a locker in the shop hallway. And would soon be introduced to the fellow there to the left, by the fellow to the left. His name was Landon Pitre and was... and still is the weirdest person I have ever met.

Landon wasn't what I would say well liked in the school, myself included. He was 2 or 3 years past normal graduation time, any friends he would have gone to school with were gone, and he wasn't having much luck with the current batch of students. He was very in-your-face, dressed very originally (I remember him talking at length about acquiring a 7-11 uniform shirt) but always friendly and (yikes) availiable. Seems I couldn't go to the store without running into him.

I can't really defend what I thought about Landon in High School. I was young, really, too stupid to really see this guy who was alone with a bunch of younger people, trying to fit in. Add to that the fact that he must have had a learning disability to be in school that long (it took him 6 or 7 years to finish I beleive). When I look at him now, I see an admirable person who really pushed through to get what he wanted. It makes comments I heard from some of my teachers and even principle seems cold and pathetic. I'm only 25 and I can see what's wrong with shaming someone with a learning disability infront of the school or a class.

But that's not my issue.

In 2003 Landon was stabbed in the heart at the Midtown Plaza, trying to break up a fight. He died from his injuries.

I had assumed that the justice system did it's job and put this guy away forever and that although not vindicated, Landon would at least be remembered as a hero instead of a high school dunce.

But a recent article from the CBC informed me otherwise. THREE YEARS. After his parents asked for the maximum punishment!?! THROW THIS KID IN JAIL AND THROW AWAY THE KEY. If he had a knife in his hand, he MEANT TO DO HARM. He should be punished for his crimes and harshly.

At least one thing has come of this tragedy. I have a better view of a man I once disrespected and I've seen again how the justice system fails to serve the good of the people.

Thank you for your sacrifice Landon, and I'm sorry if I ever did anything to upset you.

Landon Pitre is a hero.. but you're still weird. ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you man. He should be getting a lot more. I have always thought the Justice system in CAnaa is way to freakin' lenient. If they don't have to spend too much time in there they'll just do it again and again. If there is the fear of staying in for the rest of thier life, maybe they'll think twice.

9:41 PM  
Blogger jennzee said...

Landon was a wierd. He would have also given you the shirt off of his back if you needed it! I too had been mean to Landon through my elementary and junior high years, but also knew deep down that he probably could have just used a hug, and people to treat him nice, cause he was bothered alot by meanies such as myself. He died at the hands of some scum bag, who never seen the good to Landon... just like us! We should be ashamed of ourselves for ever being bullies.. i am glad that this 21st century is getting tougher on violence! The kid that killed Landon should have recieved a harder punishment. And, I really hope because he did not through our pathetic justice system, he got it REALLY good in jail!!

3:47 PM  

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